Update – Rowdy the GSP

Rowdy says Howdy,

Today is Rowdy’s 3rd birthday.  The Vet says he’s in perfect health.  Even with all the treats I give him he weighs the same as he did last June 25th, 61.12 pounds and about 24 1/2 inches tall.  I did mess up a month ago and gave him rawhide for two weeks.  He was sick fort another two weeks, he had me worried.  No more rawhide bones ever.

He doesn’t go hunting no where near as much since it has gotten 240 degrees out so he spends 16 hours a day sticking his head into every shrub on the place looking for those little green lizards.  If they let him get to close he catches them every time.  He doesn’t kill them unless he accidentally bites down to hard.  Most of the time he spits them out and chases them again.

Dr. Rabon told me 2 1/2 years ago that he would be a puppy until he’s 3.  It saddens me to say but just the past two months I have noticed a big change in him.  He still has a little puppy in him.  I still can’t catch him with a paint stick but he has settled down, but to me he will always be my baby.