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Update – Ruger the Brittany Spaniel

The puppy me and my daughter picked up, Ruger, is 4 months now! (He was the last of a spring litter.) He is active, loves people, is house trained and already retrieves. He gets along well with our cocker spaniel! Thanks again, Mike Cook and his daughter Katelyn.  

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Update: GSP “Ruger” – not a puppy anymore!

Remember Ruger¬†the GSP? He’s not exactly a puppy anymore! Follow Ruger’s updates here.

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Update on Ruger

Hey James, Here’s some pictures of Ruger. He has been making friends with my little Holstein and all the kitties. He’s still as mischievous ever but everyone loves him! He’s getting so big and is going to be HUGE based on the looks of his feet and long legs. Thank you again for the cutest dog EVER! How are the other puppies doing? I believe they are 2 weeks old now, right? I know you said that they belong to your friend, but do you by chance have pictures of the females? Thank you so much and have a great night!!

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Sarah Wells

Hey James, Hope you’re doing great!! Ruger is doing really good and everyone who meets him, loves him! Here’s some more pictures of him. (2 pictures are of our friend Oren who is a Vietnam veteran and he tried to steal Ruger from us because he used to have these types of dogs)…I gave him your email address, I hope you don’t mind. Very excited about getting more puppies from you this summer. Can’t wait to send you some money LOL Thanks so much and I hope you have a blessed day!

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