Rowdy the GSP update…

Rowdy-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NCRowdy says Howdy,

Rowdy will be 16 months old on the 25th.  I will be 804 months old on the 31st.  (Halloween)  He is 57 pounds, right on his target weight of 60 pounds at a year and a half.  I am 210 pounds.  According to my doctor I am at least 20 pounds overweight.  He is around 22 inches tall.  My height keeps changing as I get older.  I timed him in a quarter mile at less than 30 seconds.  That’s a little better than 30 miles an hour.  I can’t even drive 30 miles an hour.

He has been off leash for 3 months now and he doesn’t leave me out of his sight for more than a couple seconds.  He usually won’t get more than 50 yards away before turning back.  He will point and hold that point until I tell him to move.  This morning was our first heavy frost.  I went out with him around 3 in the morning and all the trees and shrubs had a heavy layer of frost on them.  He seen or heard something outside of the fence line and held a dead perfect point for over 2 minutes.  I never knew what he was pointing at but he was concentrated on whatever it was.

The only real problem I have with Rowdy is that he keeps taking my shoes, socks, shorts out the doggie door into the back yard.  I try putting them up but every time I get lazy or forget he takes them outside.  He doesn’t chew them up he just takes them out and then comes back in to see what I’m going to do about it.  I yell at him and shake the paint stick then he goes into the catch me if you can mode.  If I yell loud enough he’ll go to his doggie bed, for about 10 seconds.

I’ll update when he turns two.