Rowdy the GSP


Rowdy says Howdy Buckaroos.

Rowdy turns 1 year old on the 24th.  He has had all his shots and is in perfect health.  He is as happy as he is healthy.  Potty training was a breeze with only a couple minor setbacks.  He is getting better on attacking his food dish.  I work hard on not over treating him, but it’s difficult for me.  Getting him to stay is the hardest task with all his energy.He weighs 48 pounds on his last weighing.  My goal is to not let him get over 60 pounds as you suggested.  I realize I can tweak that according to his growth.

When we walk in the woods he is doing better.  I tied a two pound weight on a 10 foot lead in the hopes of slowing him up.  The idea is to wear him out faster plus if he veers off the path he will get caught up in the brush.  I’ve found I can almost trust him to stop and wait for me if he gets to far ahead.  True to their form, when he gets out of my sight he stops until he can see me. I do not plan on letting him off the leash until he gets at least 1 1/2 years old.

I took him and Molly to the dog park at the old Myrtle Beach Air Force bas Saturday.  He played with the other dogs and swam for two hours.  I think he had the best time of his short life.  He didn’t want to leave.

My radiation treatment are going well.  Only 31 to go.

There is no amount of money I would sell Rowdy for.  And if someone tried to take him from me they would have to not only get by me but Mr. Rugger, Mr. Taurus and Mr. Smith and Wesson as well.

I still cry for Sooner but not as often.

Picture is of Rowdy and his older step Sister Molly.  They get along fine but sometimes he bugs her to much and I have to show him the paint stick.  When he sees it he runs to his doggie bed and lays down, but only for two seconds.

Would still like to ride up and see your farm as soon as my treatments are over.


I am Respectfully,


Dave and Cindi Brower