GSP Puppies for Sale / whelped 8/14/2014

Aug-GSP-Puppies-0012 Aug-GSP-Puppies-0011 Aug-GSP-Puppies-0010 Aug-GSP-Puppies-009 Aug-GSP-Puppies-008 Aug-GSP-Puppies-007 Aug-GSP-Puppies-006 Aug-GSP-Puppies-005 Aug-GSP-Puppies-004 Aug-GSP-Puppies-003 Aug-GSP-Puppies-002 Aug-GSP-Puppies-001A friend of Anderson Creek, NC has a litter of German Shorthaired Pointers that are from our stock. They were whelped August 14.  1 male, 7 females, 7 black, white & roan. 1 brown & white female. Unregistered $450. Shots and dewormed. Contact us for more information, and specify “August 14th GSP puppies for sale”.