Update – Lucille the GSP

Lucille-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-003Lucille-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-002 Lucille-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-001
Lucille (the German Shorthaired Pointer) was born on March Lucille-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-00410, 2012 at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, NC. Her mother was Bella and her father was Toby. She is the sweetest and smartest dog we have ever known. She is a very active girl but also very loving. She enjoys the birds and squirrels very much but enjoys watching tv on the sofa and sleeping in the bed as well. Lucille’s two favorite activities are climbing the privacy fence and watching the neighbors little white furry “yappers” or going on car rides. She is always the first one to the door if she hears the word “go”. Our girl loves to play with her Springer brother and loves visits from her doggie cousins. She likes all people but is extra loyal to her family. Lucille has been a special addition to our family and we love her so much.

We look forward to hearing from you when the new litter is born!!

Carolyn/Frank Leatherman