Lewis / Hunting Testimonial

Family Bird Hunting, NC Quail Hunt, North Carolina Bird Hunting, NC Quail Hunting, NCGood Morning Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve!

We made a visit to your beautiful property the end of December.  What a fantastic place!  Coming back to the “country” after being stationed in the “city” for the last 6 months was wonderful!

The fur friends were adorable and our boys LOVED running around with the puppies!  We are STILL hearing about the little brown Brittany that seemed to attach himself instantly to our youngest!  haha

While on the bird hunting adventure with Loki, Timmy, our 12yr old, got his 1st quail!  He was ecstatic!  Thank you Ken for such an amazing trip and being part of the adventure!

I have attached some pics….thought you might enjoy them!

Wishing you all a 2015 filled with happiness, success and health!  With all those “little” friends….how could you NOT have a spectacular year!!

Patrick, Alisson, Timmy and Colby (Pudge) Lewis