Hunting Dogs / Dog Training

We offer live game birds for dog training. Please contact us about bringing your dog(s) here for practice. We also occasionally have hunting dog puppies for sale (see our hunting dog news below for updates of litters). ALL DOGS BROUGHT TO THE GAME PRESERVE MUST BE UP TO DATE ON THEIR SHOTS.

Kenneling Rates
$75 daily, $250 week or monthly rates available

Retriever and Pointing Labrador Training

Puppy Training
Starting about 3 months up to six months we socialize your puppy, develop retrieving drive, and familiarize them with aspects of retrieving to include land and water marks, decoys, birds, gunfire, etc. We introduce basic obedience commands with emphasis on developing a willing, confident attitude toward training.

Gundog Training
Starting any time after six months.  Include marking on land and water, hunting for downed birds, bird handling and delivery, manners, steadiness, and obedience, and familiarity with all the accoutrements of hunting.  Includes force fetching.  Requires an average of 4-5 months.

Pointing Labrador Training
We will train your Pointing Labrador (PL) to be steady to wing and shot, whoa, quartering, etc.  We WILL NOT train or do any training on the point, each dogs point is unique to itself.  If you have a flushing Labrador that you would like to have trained to sit-to-flush, that can be done.

Hunt Tests
We also train dogs to be handled by their owners, and work with owners who are learning to be better handlers and if they wish to run their dogs in UKC, AKC or APLA hunt test they will be successful.

per month
Includes birds, first month due in advance

To inquire contact:
Richard McCullough

Anderson Creek Puppy or Dog Training

Individual Training Sessions
Dogs will be introduced to the “Whoa” command and properly introduced to live quail or pigeons. The Owner will also have hands on introductions on yard work and field work as well. The sessions will be short at first because of the puppy’s attention span.

1 hour session $50.00

30 Day Program
This program will have your dog or puppy pointing birds and retrieving so you can actually take him to the field and do a real hunt.

If dogs/puppies are house trained they may be kept at home with the trainer, otherwise they will be kept in an outside kennel.

monthly / $ weekly + Cost of birds

Training Methods
No ‘shock’ collars or electronic controls will be used if owner requests or is not going to use these controls. Remember our “Motto”

“We never ever spoil our bird dogs until they open their eyes.” James Farrar

To inquire contact:
Ken Adams

Craig Tant


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Update – Pointin’ Pooter

Posted on May 10, 2017 in Puppy Purchase, Shout Outs to our Friends!

Hey James, Below are some of the pictures we were talking about at the gun show. This is Pooter (lost a bet) pointing and hunting at about 7 or 8 months old. He retrieves and points mostly by instinct and all it took on my end was mostly obedience training and stuff I learned from the gun dog book. I’d like to come up and see those spotted Brittanys when y’all have them. Thanks Austin Fitchett

Training German Shorthaired Pointers at ACHP, NC

Posted on April 19, 2017 in Hunting Dog Info, Shout Outs to our Friends!

Here are some photos of Ken training some German Shorthaired Pointers at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve (North Carolina).

Update – Hunting with Lincoln the German Shorthaired Pointer, NC

Hey James, My kids and I had an awesome time hunting your property with my dog Lincoln (the GSP) that Ken Adams trained at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, NC. It is great to see how he turned out after the training process. I look forward to bringing him up to ACHP for many more hunts. Thanks Again. Brendan McInerney

Update – Paisley the Brittany Spaniel

Posted on March 27, 2017 in Puppy Purchase

“Paisley will be a year old April 21st, wow time flies! I thought you’d like a photo and update, she’s as energetic as ever and is adjusting well to life in South Carolina.” Billy Brockbrader

Update – GSP Puppy “Abel”

Posted on March 9, 2017 in Puppy Purchase

Another Good Looking ACHP GSP Pup!

Posted on February 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

We enjoy getting updates on all of our German Shorhaired Puppies!