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Males and female available to go home November 2021

3 males 1 female available to go home now, November 2021

Update – Jack Cotton GSP

Hunter Trial Dog TrainingJames,

On March 7,  Oak Hill Shooting Preserve held the 1st Keith Pittman Memorial Field Trial. There were 23 competing dogs.

Jack Cotton turned in a winning score to take the first place trophy.  It must be noted that Jack and his owner/handler John were trained and coached by Ken Adams of Anderson Creek Shooting Preserve.

We had a great day and I could not be more proud of Jack.

How to see you soon.


New Pup on the Block…

Beau Duke

Meet Pepper and Doc’s male German Shorthaired Pointer puppy, “Beau Duke”. He is going to be starting his training as a bird dog at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve and be our new stud dog.

Working the Dogs…

Ken and Will training and working their dogs here at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, North Carolina.

Update – Jack “On Point!”


Jack,  Fred and I had another great day visiting with you and Ken and all the dogs.

We set 4 birds for Jack and Ken was able to teach him not to bump the birds.  We will keep reinforcing that.  Here is a picture of Jack on point.

As I said before I left yesterday,  “Time spent with James and Ken is time well spent indeed”.

I hope to be up tomorrow weather and road conditions permitting.”


Update – Koli’s Training Session

Hey Ken,

I just wanted to share the photos from Koli’s great training session 2 weekends ago.

Chris Jones

Update – Milo the German Shorthaired Pointer


He is absolutely amazing at hunting!

Everyone, people we don’t even know call him Super Dog. He is so goofy!

But when it’s hunting time… it gets real… all business!

So happy with both boys!

Training German Shorthaired Pointers at ACHP, NC

Here are some photos of Ken training some German Shorthaired Pointers at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve (North Carolina).

Update – Hunting with Lincoln the German Shorthaired Pointer, NC

Hey James,

My kids and I had an awesome time hunting your property with my dog Lincoln (the GSP) that Ken Adams trained at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, NC. It is great to see how he turned out after the training process. I look forward to bringing him up to ACHP for many more hunts.

Thanks Again.

Brendan McInerney

A Fun Day Working The Dogs on Quail

Jack and I had another fun day at Anderson Creek. Weather was perfect. The quail flushes were textbook and Jack, Pepper, and Copper had a huge time. Getting my feet tangled in Copper’s check cord and falling down gave us something to laugh about. Especially Ken.

I greatly appreciate you and Ken making me, Jack and Fred feel so much at home at Anderson Creek.

Here is a picture of your new Brittany’s. And a couple of Jack earning his keep.


John Kluttz