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A puppy’s new job, er, home…

This is Penny and she is the new member of Sam, Rebecca and baby Easton Stalls. Penny didn’t know she had to do all the baby sitting but she still glad she can! 🙂

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Dixie the Brittany Spaniel Puppy

James, I bought a Brittany puppy from you a couple months ago and you told me to send you some update pictures.  Meet Dixie! She seemed to be growing really slowly and our vet said she may just be on the very petite end of the spectrum, but she’s definitely had a growth spurt the past couple weeks.  Full of energy and loves to play. Thanks! – Ryan Winstead

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Rowdy the GSP – Update

Rowdy says “Howdy Buckaroos!” Today is Rowdy’s 14 month birthday. We are getting closer and closer every day.  I’m right on target with his weight.  I’m using your guide of 60 pounds as a guide and assuming he is full grown at a year and a half to two years old, he is 52 pounds today. It’s hard not giving him the treats he loves all the time especially when he looks at me with those piercing black eyes, but I’m managing. I went ahead and let him off leash earlier this month, 4 months before I had planned.  The first time he disappeared for a half hour but then came … Continue reading

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Doc the little GSP –

Keith and I purchased an Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve puppy male GSP pup on Saturday. Just wanted to send a few pics. He’s a beautiful pup and such a good little boy. Fast learner and just a joy.  His name is Trooper ‘Doc’ Buckshot Boone. Thanks! Shawn Holland

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