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Our Anderson Creek German-Shorhair Pointer, Lily

Mr. James, I first want to say thank you for allowing us to bring Lily home. She has become a part of our family in only her first month here. She can already sit, lay, stay, roll over and play fetch. She has tripled in size since the day we got her and is showing no sign of slowing up as you can tell from the pictures. I can’t wait until she is old enough to go back to train. She is eager to please just like you said she would be and is already showing signs of being a great hunter and even better companion. Thanks again! Attached are … Continue reading

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Good day of bird hunting!

Greg and son Nicholas Lownd’s great day of upland bird hunting –  quail, chukar and pheasant.

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The Tavano Family & Rev the GSP puppy

It was this November that we decided to purchase a GSP puppy..we wanted it for a Christmas gift for my 22 year old son. This past October he had lost his best friend in a tragic car accident than a day later we had to put down our family gsp.. Devasting! So we started looking around. I live in Cape Cod so I started my looking in the New England area. Web searching pulled Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve as one that had puppies available. I sent a email to them and to many others that that showed puppies available. We got some return responses of puppies that would be ready! … Continue reading

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Brittany Puppy Testimonial, Angus

We named him Angus. All the kids love him, even my wife who isn’t a animal person naturally. He knows how to sit. And is for the most part house trained already. He is a good dog and I can tell he wants to please. Thanks he is a great addition to our family

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German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

A litter of 12 GSP. Registered pups,  born Nov. 28  2013. 4 liver white patched and ticked.  8 liver. Please inquire for more details!

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German Shorthaired Pointer X Lab Cross Puppies

6 GSP X Lab puppies born Nov 19. Inquire for more details.

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Blair Smith

Just wanted to send you pictures of the puppy we got from you guys in November. He’s doing great and is very smart! He was ringing the bell to go outside within a week, just like you said. We named him Willis and is already very much part of our family. He interacts well with my daughter with special needs and although he is very active, he can calm her. My other daughter has bonded tremendously, too, and is great at taking care of him. Willis is just what our family needed. Thanks!

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Shout out to Bolt

Shout out to Bolt, who is owned by Alston Joyner.

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Shout out to Rev at his new home in Cape Cod

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Jake X. Nicholson

Attached are few photos we had from our hunt on Christmas eve. We had a blast and my brother went back to Texas telling everyone about it! I will stop by soon to talk ducks. Hope all is well!

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