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The Pendletons

We picked up Maximilian Archibald last December after falling in love with him at the Raleigh Gun Show. He’s a wonderful pup who loves to kill his toys, run, play fetch, cuddle and do whatever else the rest of the family is doing. He loves water, but not baths. He’s very intelligent, at just 8 months he has learned many commands  including waiting for his treat until we say “get the biscuit” and loves to point at birds in the yard or on walks. He’s a great addition to our family, we’re happy we chose Anderson Creek and we look forward in getting him to reserve for his first hunt.

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Shout out to Susanna

Shout out to Susanna at June Raleigh gun show!

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Frank Trough

James, I could not be happier with “Lady Byrd” since she is the most loving and affectionate addition to our family. We have taken her to Gulfshores Alabama and she is the most popular dog there alot of people want to know where we got her from. Everything you told us about these GSP’s is true, they are smart, easy to train, always want to be around its owners and make a wonderful family dog. She has grown up to be a beautiful lady and I can not thank you enough for bringing so much joy into our lives. I have enclosed a few pics so that you can see how she looks at five months old.

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Shout out for Seth and Tyler

… for their help with our new puppies!

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