Rowdy the GSP – Update

Rowdy-GSP001-NC Rowdy-GSP002-NCRowdy says “Howdy Buckaroos!”

Today is Rowdy’s 14 month birthday. We are getting closer and closer every day.  I’m right on target with his weight.  I’m using your guide of 60 pounds as a guide and assuming he is full grown at a year and a half to two years old, he is 52 pounds today. It’s hard not giving him the treats he loves all the time especially when he looks at me with those piercing black eyes, but I’m managing.

I went ahead and let him off leash earlier this month, 4 months before I had planned.  The first time he disappeared for a half hour but then came back covered head to toe in black Brunswick County mud. I don’t know where he found it because of the drought but he did.  It took me an hour to clean him up. I thought for sure I lost him that day. Now twice every day we go out and he stays within eyesight and listens to my commands of wait, walk and stop. I couldn’t be more pleased. The other day he pointed a butterfly and chased a rabbit or turkey. The brush was to thick to tell. He still has some puppy in his bark.

When my Sooner left me he took his soul with him to heaven but he left me his heart in Rowdy.

Thank You