Great hunt with my father-in-law…


I just wanted to say thanks for a great hunt. It was just what my wife and I wanted for my father-in-law. Just enough and not too much 🙂  We got a couple and we scared the heck out of a couple more. My father-in-law really enjoyed it. Bill was great with the gator. Very accommodating, he understood what we needed for my father-in-law at 86 years of age and he was right there when we needed him. The young man you had guiding the hunt, I apologize I can’t remember his name, was extremely polite and very friendly and very knowledgeable. He really was enjoyable to hunt with.  He did an excellent job.

Hopefully I can talk my father-in-law into going again next time I’m in town.

Yours truly,

Capt. Richard Houde