Hunting Testimonials

Visitors who have come to hunt. Please click on thumbnail images to see the larger photo. :)

A Great Upland Hunt…

A great Upland Hunt at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve


Foster Marshall Bird Hunting Photos

Graig and Jeremy – Duck Hunting

Graig took Jeremy Stekanko duck hunting Nov 17, 2017. They did great. Also Graig got a banded wood duck from Ontario Canada. Check out the certificate!

We will sure be visiting again…

James, Ken,

Attached please find pictures from our recent hunting visit to Anderson Creek on 28 OCT.
We wanted to thank you much for all your services, accommodating our schedule, understanding our needs, and above the great friendly environment. We will sure be vising again and hope that next year we could do some Deer Hunting as well.

Btw: by any chance you could accommodate us for the deer hunt this year, I know you’ve mentioned all spots taken up, just checking :).

Thank you again!

Usman, Ayaz, Mansoor

“Great time camping & hunting…”


Thank you very much for inviting us to your farm. It is a beautiful place. We had a great time camping and hunting and will be back again soon. Ken was an awesome guide and taught us both allot. He made our first hunting trip a memory we will never forget. Thank you again!”

Father & Son Hunting Testimonial

“Thanks for having us. My son and I and our puppy Leia had a wonderful day with Ken! We can’t wait to come back! I want to attend that tower hunt in November. I gotta find out if I can get the day off work. Thanks again guys.”

Great Hunt…

Thank you for the great hunt last week!


-Emily Jones

Hunting With Brittany Spaniels

Hunted with the pups today! They are great dogs. We got 11 birds. They performed flawlessly.

-Dr Roberson

Update – Pepper Goes Bird Hunting at ACHP

Mr. Adams,
Thank you again for taking Andy and I shooting on your property (Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve) last week. It was an awesome experience. Attached are some pictures of Pepper in action! Sorry for the late response in regards to the photos. We look forward to seeing you all again.

Very Respectfully,
Randall Stuker

Great Opening Dove Hunt, 2017

We had a great dove hunt on Saturday, Sept 2nd, 2017 here at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve. Maybe the best ever!