Hunting Testimonials

Visitors who have come to hunt. Please click on thumbnail images to see the larger photo. :)

2016 Labor Day Weekend Dove Hunt Photo Album

Dove Hunting Videos, Fall 2016

Here are two dove hunting videos we made while at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve.

Part One:
Part Two:

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Photos from the March 2017 Tower Hunt

These are photos from our Tower Hunt at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, Lillington, North Carolina.

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A Fun Day Working The Dogs on Quail

Jack and I had another fun day at Anderson Creek. Weather was perfect. The quail flushes were textbook and Jack, Pepper, and Copper had a huge time. Getting my feet tangled in Copper’s check cord and falling down gave us something to laugh about. Especially Ken.

I greatly appreciate you and Ken making me, Jack and Fred feel so much at home at Anderson Creek.

Here is a picture of your new Brittany’s. And a couple of Jack earning his keep.


John Kluttz

Video – Bird Hunting w/Dog

Goose Hunting @Anderson Creek

Goose hunting in North Carolina at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve.

Photos From 02/05/2017 Tower Hunt –

Photos taken on February 5th 2017 from the tower hunt at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, Lillington, North Carolina.  Click the images to enlarge.

Update – Penny’s Pup

Penny’s baby at 9 weeks is pointing strong. Will learn to hunt quickly!

Great day of gunnery! Thanks!

Bird Hunting in NC, 2017

Just a few photos from recent bird hunters starting the new year out right!