Hunting Testimonials

Visitors who have come to hunt. Please click on thumbnail images to see the larger photo. :)

Great Opening Dove Hunt, 2017

We had a great dove hunt on Saturday, Sept 2nd, 2017 here at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve. Maybe the best ever!

Update – Hunting with Lincoln the German Shorthaired Pointer, NC

Hey James,

My kids and I had an awesome time hunting your property with my dog Lincoln (the GSP) that Ken Adams trained at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, NC. It is great to see how he turned out after the training process. I look forward to bringing him up to ACHP for many more hunts.

Thanks Again.

Brendan McInerney

Richard & Josh, Bird Hunting

“James and Ken:

My son, Josh and I had a productive and enjoyable morning in the field. Terrific guide, dogs, location and birds. We have hunted numerous preserves in North Carolina and elsewhere. I can sincerely say this was the best experience to date. We will be back again and again. Thanks for the hospitality and a great hunt.”

Visitors Come For Quail Hunting

Mr. and Mrs. Ivey from Maine came by for a quail hunt and to visit the Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve puppies.

2016 Labor Day Weekend Dove Hunt Photo Album

Dove Hunting Videos, Fall 2016

Here are two dove hunting videos we made while at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve.

Part One:
Part Two:

Thank you,

Photos from the March 2017 Tower Hunt

These are photos from our Tower Hunt at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, Lillington, North Carolina.

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A Fun Day Working The Dogs on Quail

Jack and I had another fun day at Anderson Creek. Weather was perfect. The quail flushes were textbook and Jack, Pepper, and Copper had a huge time. Getting my feet tangled in Copper’s check cord and falling down gave us something to laugh about. Especially Ken.

I greatly appreciate you and Ken making me, Jack and Fred feel so much at home at Anderson Creek.

Here is a picture of your new Brittany’s. And a couple of Jack earning his keep.


John Kluttz

Video – Bird Hunting w/Dog

Goose Hunting @Anderson Creek

Goose hunting in North Carolina at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve.