Puppy Purchase

Testimonials from those who have purchased puppies or dogs from us.

Update on GSP “Hunter”

Hunter-GSP-NC-005Hunter-GSP-NC-002 Hunter-GSP-NC-004 Hunter-GSP-NC-003 Hunter-GSP-NC-001 As promised here are some pictures of hunter.

Kind Regards,

Sam De Sousa

Update on GSP “Lance”

lance-gsp-nc-001lance-gsp-nc-002Lookin’ good, Lance!

Update on GSP Puppy – Saxon

Saxon-GSP-NC-001 Saxon-GSP-NC-002 Saxon-GSP-NC-003 Saxon-GSP-NC-004 Saxon-GSP-NC-005Hello,

Just wanted to send some update pictures on Saxon.

He is 4 months old right now. He knows, Sit, Woh, Here and stays close when we walk in the woods. He also has been retrieving a little and can find a pheasant cape wrapped around a bumper in tall grass without seeing it first. He has some pretty great prey drive just need to work on his consistency with commands, retrieving, pointing, and getting used to actual birds.


Tucker, the GSP Puppy –

Tucker-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-001 Tucker-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-002 Tucker-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-003Hey James!

Just wanted to let you know that Tucker is doing great and has settled right in. He loves the barn. Thanks for such a nice dog!

Allyson Norris

GSP Update – Jager

Tommy and I bought Jäger last June off of Pepper. Jäger has a great personality and is growing like a weed. He is a sweet, energetic puppy that loves mud puddles and keeps us on our toes. :)

We are excited to get a liver and roan playmate from Anderson Creek within the next couple months!

Update on GSP “Maddox”

Maddox-NC-GSP-001 Maddox-NC-GSP-002 Maddox-NC-GSP-003Can you believe how big he is? I know I’ve told you a hundred times but I am so so thankful for you guys introducing me to my best friend. I know it sounds crazy but he really is awesome and I couldn’t be happier with the GSP I chose. He is a wild wild wild child but I knew it was coming. Would love to bring him up to see you guys sometime soon!!! Again, Thank you!!!
Kaitlin & Maddox

GSP Puppy – Nelli

GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-001 GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-002 GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-003Another Anderson Creek German Shorthaired Pointer, Nelli.

Anderson Creek GSP Puppy Update – Penny

Penny-GSP-Puppy-NC-001 Penny-GSP-Puppy-NC-002 Penny-GSP-Puppy-NC-003James –

Here are a few more pictures of the Dynamic Duo. Easton is on the move now so Penny has her hands full keeping him in line at home and around town.

Aside from her babysitting job, she’s doing great with her hunt training too. She’s listens better than any other dog I’ve had and is eager to please. We broke her into gun to gun shots over Christmas break and she’s steadily mastering the WHOA command with her “wing on a string.” I’ll try to get some good pictures of that over the weekend.

She’s shaping up to be another great Anderson Creek pup!

Thank you.

Sam Stalls

Anderson Creek GSP Puppy Update – Moxie

Moxie-GSP-Puppy-NC-003 Moxie-GSP-Puppy-NC-002 Moxie-GSP-Puppy-NC-001Moxie loved the tower hunt! What an amazing dog from Anderson Creek, thank you!!

Laurie Taylor

GSP Puppy Update – Dean

German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-Dean-NorthCarolina-001From all of us at Uptone pictures and the Davis family we wish you a very merry Christmas. This is Dean we got him back in September. Thought you’d like to post this one 😉