Puppy Purchase

Testimonials from those who have purchased puppies or dogs from us.

Schultz the GSP Puppy

German Shorthaired Pointer Pup Schultz German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy Schultz German Shorthaired Pointer NC Schultz German Shorthaired Pointer North CarolinaSchultz the German Shorthaired Pointer puppy enjoying the North Carolina winter with pal Violet.

Scarlett the GSP pup from Anderson Creek.

scarlett-GSP-NC-001 scarlett-GSP-NC-002Hey James, Andrea and I wanted to get in touch with you and Ken about our pup Scarlett. She is doing absolutely great and we couldn’t be happier. She just recently finished her first level of puppy training. She has been a wonderful addition to our family and we love her so much. She is very healthy and she is up to date on her shots and been taken to the vet regularly. She is close to 30 pounds now. We just wanted to update you on how she is doing and thank you for everything!

Best wishes,

Trey Charles

Milo & Rev, German Shorthaired Pointers in the Snow

MiloRevSnowGermanShorthairedPointersMilo and Rev in 18 inches of snow at Cape Cod. German Shorthaired Pointers at play!

Doggone Proud!

chuck-GSPHi James & Ken

Reason to be proud!!!

Williams Lucky Gus, the GSP

Gus-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC Gus-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC002More snap shots of Williams Lucky Gus. He is a dream GSP pup!

Luna the German Shorthaired Pointer Pup

Luna-GermanShorthairedPointer-NC-005 Luna-GermanShorthairedPointer-NC-004 Luna-GermanShorthairedPointer-NC-003 Luna-GermanShorthairedPointer-NC-002 Luna-GermanShorthairedPointer-NC-001Luna, Sammie (Hanna’s) daughter and Jack.

Another find German Shorthaired Pointer from Anderson Crek Hunting Preserve, North Carolina.

Bird Dog Training -

BirdDogTrainingNC001 BirdDogTrainingNC002Ken is teaching a new German Shorthaired Pointer and working with 7 of our other dogs here at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserver, NC.

Pics of Charlie the GSP

German Shorthaired Pointer, Anderson Creek, NC GSP Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, NC German Shorthaired Pointer, NC Charlie our GSP, NC GSP puppy, NC Another happy owner of an Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve dog sending in brag photos! :)

Sarah Wells

GSP German Shorthaired Pointet, NC GSP German Shorthaired Pointet, NC GSP German Shorthaired Pointet, NCHey James!

Just wanted to send you a few pics of Ruger (the GSP). He’s getting so big and we love him so much. He brightens everyone’s day.

Thanks so much and I hope to get another German Shorthaired Pointer from Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, NC, one day!

Ann & Olive the GSP – puppy testimonial

German Shorthaired Pointer, Puppies in North Carolina Olive2 Olive3Hi James!

Merry Christmas!

I hope that everyone at Anderson Creek (North Carolina) has had a marvelous holiday and that you guys are all looking forward to the new year.

I just wanted to send you an update on Olive, the GSP puppy that I got from you all in the fall.  She is an absolute joy to work with and has a marvelous mind—she has taken the ‘come, sit, down, heel, whoa, and free’ commands all in stride.  What impresses me the most, however, is her incredible companionship and willing personality.  You guys breed amazing companions who are certainly eager to please.  I cannot thank you enough!

Thanks so much for breeding such wonderful dogs and making dog ownership that much more enjoyable!