Puppy Purchase

Testimonials from those who have purchased puppies or dogs from us.

Update – Jeffro the GSP

Jeffro-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-North-Carolina-003 Jeffro-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-North-Carolina-002 Jeffro-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-North-Carolina-001James,

I wanted to send an update on Jeffro.  He is doing GREAT!!!  He has an amazing nose and ended the last hunting season pointing several birds at our local hunting spot.  He outworked two more experienced dogs on his last two hunts and the owner of the club inquired wanting to buy him from me – NOT A CHANCE!!!!!!  He’s a great hunter but is also a GREAT family pet.  He wakes our daughter every morning when it is time to get up and lets us know when someone is approaching the front door.  I have attached some photos of him with our family and one of him taking a break in his favorite spot, my tailgate.

I hope you guys are well!  I have given out all of the cards to folks wanting info about pups like Jeffro, so on my next stop in Sanford I will swing by to see you guys again!

Warmest regards,

John Dwiggins

Update – Josie the Brittany Spaniel


Wanted to send you an update on Josie. She was the only white and orange out of Whisper’s February litter. The picture is of her at 4 weeks and 5 1/2 months, thought it was great. You wouldn’t believe she was the same pup with all the color and ticking that’s come in.

She was housebroken at 4 months, we trained her on an underground fence in about 2 weeks and she travels like a champ. She’s not only a great family dog here in the suburbs letting toddlers poke her in the face, I’ve taken her out in some cutover pine fields and she will hunt without being taught anything.

Wanted to tell you guys thanks and send some pictures along for you to see how good she’s doing.

Wes and Jill

Update – Penny the GSP

Penny-GSP-August-NorthCarolina-003 Penny-GSP-August-NorthCarolina-001 Penny-GSP-August-NorthCarolina-002James –

Hope everyone at Anderson Creek is doing well and surviving the heat.

It’s been a little while since I shared pictures of the dynamic duo. Easton was a year old on 4/29 and Penny turned a year on 8/1. They play together all day and put on quite the show after dinner every night.

Penny will have her first “real” hunt on opening day of dove season. I’ll let you know how she does with all the chaos. She’s doing pretty well (despite her incompetent owner).

Have a good evening.


Update – Shep the GSP

Shep-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-North-Carolina-001 Shep-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-North-Carolina-002 Shep-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-North-Carolina-003 Shep-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-North-Carolina-004Thought I’d check in and send a few photos of Shep, our boy we picked up from the early April liter. Everything we thought he would be and more. Doing really well up here in Delaware. Even got to meet his relative Saxon a few weeks ago when Chris Stenger was up north. His boy is coming along really well too. Great dogs from Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, NC.

Tilly the Brittany Spaniel

Tilly-Brittany-Spaniel-North-Carolina-Anderson-Creek-001 Tilly-Brittany-Spaniel-North-Carolina-Anderson-Creek-002This is Tilley. She is almost 5 months old and is loving life. She enjoys playing inside and out. She also enjoys playing fetch and lounging around the lake.

Thank you Anderson Creek.


Update – Ruger the Brittany Spaniel

The puppy me and my daughter picked up, Ruger, is 4 months now! (He was the last of a spring litter.) He is active, loves people, is house trained and already retrieves. He gets along well with our cocker spaniel! Thanks again, Mike Cook and his daughter Katelyn.  Ruger-Brittany-Spaniel-NC-001 Ruger-Brittany-Spaniel-NC-002

Update – Piper the GSP, Jax Sister?

Piper-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-Anderson-Creek-Hunting Piper-GSP-update-002I saw Jax on Facebook, he must be a brother to this girl. Her name is Piper. She is doing very good and is very smart!


Update – Rowdy the GSP

Rowdy-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-001 Rowdy-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-002 Rowdy-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-003 Rowdy-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-004 Rowdy-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-005Dear Friends and Family,

Saturday the 25th is Rowdy’s 2nd birthday. He remains happy and healthy as he weighs in at 60.16 pounds, exactly what he weighed 5 months ago on January 25th. That tells me I’m doing something right considering we get up at 3 in the morning and watch Red Eye while eating a bag of beef jerky and Cheetos every day.

He would like to give a shout out to his God Bitch Paula who is recovering from an auto accident and his cousin Judy who is recovering from a Doctor’s procedure. He would also like to say Howdy to all his fellow hunting partners at the Anderson Creek Hunting Kennels in North Carolina.

Although Rowdy enjoys his daily hunting trips up the sandy trail, and his daily cart rides around the neighborhood, it’s his spa time that he particularly relishes, although he is always asking me to turn down the water temperature in his hot tub.  He likes it around 80 to 83 degrees, a bit cool for me but it’s his comfort that’s important.

Well be better go. We have to rest up for Rowdys visit to the nail salon this afternoon. Oh by the way, today is Cindi’s birthday. And no that’s not just a Johnny Crawford song.

Love You All and Thanks for Caring

Update – Jax the GSP

Jax-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-North-Carolina-002He is growing! Such a great natured dog. Thank you!


Update – Maddox the GSP is One Year Old!

Maddox-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-North-Carolina-PuppyAnother happy dog from ANDERSON Creek Hunting Preserve, NC. Maddox is one year old.  Happy birthday to a handsome young GSP!