Puppy Purchase

Testimonials from those who have purchased puppies or dogs from us.

Update – Maddox the GSP is One Year Old!

Maddox-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-North-Carolina-PuppyAnother happy dog from ANDERSON Creek Hunting Preserve, NC. Maddox is one year old.  Happy birthday to a handsome young GSP!

Update – Porter the GSP

Porter-GSP-NCPorter is absolutely gorgeous. Incredibly smart. I’m trying to talk Molly into getting another. 🙂

Update – Moxy & Bear the GSPs

Moxie-Bear-German-Shorthaired-Pointers-NorthCarolina-001Moxie’s best friend at doggy daycare is Bear, another one of your amazing dogs! The staff says they are inseparable!

Update – Jax the GSP

Jax-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-North-Carolina-001My sweet bed partner. He is such a sweet boy, he’s played really hard today. Thank you!

Update – Able the GSP

Able-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-North-Carolina-001 Able-GSP-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-North-Carolina-002Abel has been the most awesome family dog ever.  He is enjoying living on the farm and having freedom to explore and hunt whenever he pleases!  We love him!

Update – Lucille the GSP

Lucille-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-003Lucille-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-002 Lucille-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-001
Lucille (the German Shorthaired Pointer) was born on March Lucille-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC-00410, 2012 at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, NC. Her mother was Bella and her father was Toby. She is the sweetest and smartest dog we have ever known. She is a very active girl but also very loving. She enjoys the birds and squirrels very much but enjoys watching tv on the sofa and sleeping in the bed as well. Lucille’s two favorite activities are climbing the privacy fence and watching the neighbors little white furry “yappers” or going on car rides. She is always the first one to the door if she hears the word “go”. Our girl loves to play with her Springer brother and loves visits from her doggie cousins. She likes all people but is extra loyal to her family. Lucille has been a special addition to our family and we love her so much.

We look forward to hearing from you when the new litter is born!!

Carolyn/Frank Leatherman

Update – Mallie the Brittany Spaniel

Mallie-Brittany-Spaniel-NC-001 Mallie-Brittany-Spaniel-NC-002 Mallie-Brittany-Spaniel-NC-003Hi James!

Our Mallie girl (Brittany Spaniel) turns one today! Thanks for a year of happiness. She brings us joy everyday and is a wonderful dog. We are looking forward to the next year of fun and starting the journey to become a therapy dog.

Update – Zeke the GSP…

Zeke-GSP-North-Carolina-002Zeke-GSP-North-Carolina-003 Zeke-GSP-North-Carolina-001
Hi James,

Wanted to give you an update on our boy, Zeke.  We got him from you in Oct. 2015.  He is such a smart and sweet dog! He is so much fun, he loves sticks, and swimming, and is becoming a great running buddy. We couldn’t be happier to have him as part of our family!

Happy with Anderson Creek GSP Puppies –

Michelle from Cape Cod has 2 of our pups, Rev and Milo, and wrote to us to say;

“I’m working with a trainer for the dogs…

Huge complement!!!

He said these are the most well disposition GSPs he has seen in a long time and can’t believe how handsome they are. He said they came from Good breeding.  🙂

Titus – another “Pepper” off the Ole Block

Titus-Pepper-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC Titus-Pepper-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC002 Titus-Pepper-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC003 Titus-Pepper-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC004 Titus-Pepper-German-Shorthaired-Pointer-NC005Titus, one of Pepper’s pups, is 20 months now and is excelling more than I could have ever imagined, both as a bird dog and a family companion. Here’s a few pics from last week along with a link to the video of the hunt.