Puppy Purchase

Testimonials from those who have purchased puppies or dogs from us.

Tiger001 Tiger002 Tiger003 Tiger004 Tiger005 Tiger006“He is so cute and so smart. We love him so much!”

Sarah Wells & Puppy “Tiger”

Rev-GSP-puppy-002 Rev-GSP-puppy-003 Rev-GSP-puppy-004 Rev-GSP-puppy-001It was this November that we decided to purchase a GSP puppy..we wanted it for a Christmas gift for my 22 year old son. This past October he had lost his best friend in a tragic car accident than a day later we had to put down our family gsp.. Devasting! So we started looking around. I live in Cape Cod so I started my looking in the New England area. Web searching pulled Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve as one that had puppies available. I sent a email to them and to many others that that showed puppies available.

We got some return responses of puppies that would be ready!
James at Anderson Creek was one of our return calls ! I was so excited except that he was in NC which I overlooked (a bit of a drive for us). We had a response as well from a breeder in Pennsylvania… which is a closer drive…Talked with both and both breeders had great looking gsp pups.

However, there was something special when talking to James . And something very special about the picture of that pup.I told james the story about my son and he assured me we would have that dog for him for Christmas! It was a little work to get him here. We had to drive through a ice blizzard but we made it! ” Rev” is his name! And he is AMAZING!! My son and him are inseperable! It put a huge smile on his face where there was sadness!

I had to hide Rev at my house for 13 days.. I got wicked attached!
So needless to say we are getting another GSP from James at Anderson Creek this spring!

A Big Thank You James & Family at Anderson Creek :) ”Rev” is absolutely a fantastic dog and a big part of making a young man very happy! He’s already getting ready for bird season and holding some great points!


The Tavano Family & Rev the GSP puppy

We named him Angus. All the kids love him, even Puppy - Anderson Creek, NC Puppy, Anderson Creek Hunting Preservemy wife who isn’t a animal person naturally. He knows how to sit. And is for the most part house trained already. He is a good dog and I can tell he wants to please. Thanks he is a great addition to our family

Brittany Puppy Testimonial, Angus

FredSmithPuppy001FredSmithPuppy002Just wanted to send you pictures of the puppy we got from you guys in November.

He’s doing great and is very smart! He was ringing the bell to go outside within a week, just like you said. We named him Willis and is already very much part of our family. He interacts well with my daughter with special needs and although he is very active, he can calm her. My other daughter has bonded tremendously, too, and is great at taking care of him. Willis is just what our family needed.


Blair Smith

James, Ken:

We wanted to send a quick note to say Merry Christmas! We bought Pearl from you back in April. She is so special to our family and we love her so much. It has been fun the past months to watch her grow and learn new things. She loves to run (fast!), chew on deer antlers and play fetch with her ball. We took her to meet Santa this Christmas and she tried to lick off all his makeup, she’s not afraid of anything! She is a great dog. I attached some pictures of her this Christmas. We hope everyone at Anderson Creek has a very Merry Christmas!


Katie and Rob Cocker

Jim / Ken,

Pictures of our puppy. She’s absolutely adorable and smarWalker-Puppy-GSHt!  Her name is Rixey. Can’t wait till she’s hunting.


Lewis & Sandra Walker

My son gave me a puppy from your family Friday. He is one of the dogs you have pictured. I am naming him Master Colt Griffin. He has a very sweet nature and I am going him a good home and plenty of TLC. The puppy they got for their family is very nice also.
PAG-Tarboro NC

Phyllis Armstrong Griffin

max001.jpg max002 max003 max004 max005We picked up Maximilian Archibald last December after falling in love with him at the Raleigh Gun Show. He’s a wonderful pup who loves to kill his toys, run, play fetch, cuddle and do whatever else the rest of the family is doing. He loves water, but not baths. He’s very intelligent, at just 8 months he has learned many commands  including waiting for his treat until we say “get the biscuit” and loves to point at birds in the yard or on walks. He’s a great addition to our family, we’re happy we chose Anderson Creek and we look forward in getting him to reserve for his first hunt.

The Pendletons

ladybyrd001 ladybyrd002 ladybyrd003 ladybyrd004 ladybyrd005James,

I could not be happier with “Lady Byrd” since she is the most loving and affectionate addition to our family. We have taken her to Gulfshores Alabama and she is the most popular dog there alot of people want to know where we got her from. Everything you told us about these GSP’s is true, they are smart, easy to train, always want to be around its owners and make a wonderful family dog. She has grown up to be a beautiful lady and I can not thank you enough for bringing so much joy into our lives. I have enclosed a few pics so that you can see how she looks at five months old.

Frank Trough

Here’s pictures of Ryan’s Whirlwind Zack . He’s my grandson Ryan’s best buddy.
He stays inside with us all the time. Also he’s working birds very well.
Give me a call when your next litter arrives.

Benny Keith