Shout Outs to our Friends!

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Mr. Hubbard Working his Dogs

Mr. Hubbard enjoying time with his dogs at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, North Carolina.

Working the Dogs…

Ken and Will training and working their dogs here at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, North Carolina.

Bird Hunting

Photos of some recent visitors to Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve

Mike and his Kissing Dog :)

Mike & JR

Mike and JR are getting better each time!

Onyx & Cookie Helping Out…

Onyx and Cookie helping at the Raleigh Gun Show Jan. 20-21

On Point!

German Shorthaired Seasons Greetings!

“Merry Christmas!  This is Genny, Jax, Kobe and Finn.  Makes our family get togethers even better!

Update – Jax’s 2nd birthday!

Ginny and Jax….This was Jax’s 2nd birthday!

Update – Brittany Spaniel “Artie”


Please keep us in mine when the new litters of Brittany Spaniels are born. We’ll be looking for a female. Color isn’t important.  Sending pictures of Artie. (Mother-Our Little Secret)


Nancy Stanfield