Shout Outs to our Friends!

Our customers are what makes us. Thank you all! :)

Sally’s Pointing Skills…

Sally-Pointing-GSP-AndersonCreekHuntingSally is showing her pointing skills and her family said they couldn’t be happier. And that what we like to hear!

Daisy the GSP tending her pups…

GSP-bitch-pupsThis is Daisy, a German Shorthaired Pointer, tending her puppies at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve (in NC).  These GSP pups were born on April 21, 2015.

Shout out to Josh & Renee and their pup Bean & playmate Bella

GermanShorthairedPointer-NC001 GermanShorthairedPointer-NC002 GermanShorthairedPointer-NC003 GermanShorthairedPointer-NC004 GermanShorthairedPointer-NC005

Shout Out to Megan for Puppy Sitting!

puppiesMegan, thanks for the help with the GSP puppies!

Shout Out to Ron Hendricks @ Quail Hunt

quail-hunting-nc-2015Quail hunting!

Shout Out to Puppy “Simon”

Simon-NC-German-Shorthair-PuppyThought you might like to see… Simon is doing great & is admired by everyone who meets him!

Shout Out to Mike and Rascal!

Working on those hunting dog skills in North Carolina! Mike and Rascal with Pepper helping.  John Shaw and Pat Jasper Monday at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve.MikeRascal-Hunting-Dog-Training-AndersonCreek-NC

Shout Out to Trey, Jeff & Chris

Hunting in North Carolina

Schultz the GSP Puppy

German Shorthaired Pointer Pup Schultz German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy Schultz German Shorthaired Pointer NC Schultz German Shorthaired Pointer North CarolinaSchultz the German Shorthaired Pointer puppy enjoying the North Carolina winter with pal Violet.

Point On!

PointOn-GSP-NC001 PointOn-GSP-NC002What an awesome point from this GSP!!!