Shout Outs to our Friends!

Our customers are what makes us. Thank you all! :)

Shout out to Rev and Milo in Cape Cod!

Looking good there, boys! Looking real good!
German Shorthair PointersGSP dogGerman Shorthaired PointersGerman Short Hair Pointer

Shout out to Tatum Farrar!

tatum-brittany-puppies-north-carolina3She is bound to be the next dog trainer and guide out here at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve!

James swears his new grandson will be a future guide!

Holden Farmer is sure to be a guide in a few years!

Holden Farmer

Holden Farmer

Shout Out to BINK!

photo 4

photo1aBink wants to help operate the track hoe while clearing the land for bird hunting.

Savanna and her big brother Oakely came for a visit.

The puppies make everyone smile! Oakley001 Oakley002

Sarah Wells & Puppy “Tiger”

Tiger001 Tiger002 Tiger003 Tiger004 Tiger005 Tiger006“He is so cute and so smart. We love him so much!”

Shout out to Rev!

photoREVHey Rev!

Rev is 6 months old and lives at Cape Cod, Mass.

Shout Out for Buddy the Brittany Spaniel

photo 1 photo 2This is Buddy our new  4 month old Brittany. He will be our new stud dog someday.

Shout out to Jimmy Wicker…

prayerquilt001 prayerquilt002 This fine prayer quilt was sent by Larry and Eric Jester!

A Shout Out to Nicole for the ACHP Swag!

Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, NC - SWAG Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, NC - SWAG MakingShe made these nice ink pens and key holders for us. If you would like your on specialty pens and key holders with your own logo and names contact