Puppy Purchase

Testimonials from those who have purchased puppies or dogs from us.

Update – Jax’s 2nd birthday!

Ginny and Jax….This was Jax’s 2nd birthday!

Update – Brittany Spaniel “Artie”


Please keep us in mine when the new litters of Brittany Spaniels are born. We’ll be looking for a female. Color isn’t important.  Sending pictures of Artie. (Mother-Our Little Secret)


Nancy Stanfield

The Best Dogs…

“By far the best dogs. Our friends that got one from you… love her! She’s doing great.

Update – Milo the German Shorthaired Pointer


He is absolutely amazing at hunting!

Everyone, people we don’t even know call him Super Dog. He is so goofy!

But when it’s hunting time… it gets real… all business!

So happy with both boys!

Father & Son Hunting Testimonial

“Thanks for having us. My son and I and our puppy Leia had a wonderful day with Ken! We can’t wait to come back! I want to attend that tower hunt in November. I gotta find out if I can get the day off work. Thanks again guys.”

Hunting With Brittany Spaniels

Hunted with the pups today! They are great dogs. We got 11 birds. They performed flawlessly.

-Dr Roberson

Update – Pepper Goes Bird Hunting at ACHP

Mr. Adams,
Thank you again for taking Andy and I shooting on your property (Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve) last week. It was an awesome experience. Attached are some pictures of Pepper in action! Sorry for the late response in regards to the photos. We look forward to seeing you all again.

Very Respectfully,
Randall Stuker

Update – Levi the GSP

“This is Levi, and he is a great bird dog who has tremendous drive. He’s very lovable and friendly with kids. When he’s not hunting all he wants to do is play fetch. He’s not just a hunting dog, he’s a family member who lives in the house with us. “

Update – Jill the GSP Learning to Point

Update – Abby the GSP

Abby, the female pup I bought from you a couple weeks ago.”