Puppy Purchase

Testimonials from those who have purchased puppies or dogs from us.

Update- Jax the GSP

“He loves playing ball with Ollie and pointing at birds in the trees!”

Update – Hank the GSP Puppy

We are in love with our GSP Hank! He has adjusted great to his new home. He loves the warm weather and playing fetch. He is very smart and so energetic! We are happy to have him join our family.

Another ACHP GSP Puppy

Another Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve GSP puppy at her new home and ready to be spoiled.

Update – Junior the Brittany Spaniel

Junior relaxing post-hunt on Saturday!

Update – Jeffro the GSP

Last bird of the day. He stayed on it for a while.

Update – Christina & Hazel’s First Quail, with Jeffro.

Christina and Hazels first quail together. Jeffro backed her point.

Update – Bentley Boone

Hey there! Bentley Boone had his first vet appt today. Weighed 12.4 pounds. He’s busy lovin’ life here in Wake Forest. Wanted to let you know we absolutely adore him ❤ he’s a rowdy little sweetheart!!! By the way if you’re wondering he was chewing on a piece of mulch in the pic.

Update – Billie the Brittany Spaniel

Ken and James – Don Field here – Billie’s owner from Whisper’s February litter – meant to send you this Whisper and Billie when Billie was 7 weeks old.


I’ll also include a few more of Billie.

Update – GSP Puppy “Abel”

Update – Cash the GSP

Hey James,

Wanted to shoot you an update on Cash from Daisy’s litter over the summer. He is a quick learning, witty little guy who has definitely become one of the family. He’s a huge Frisbee and stick lover and hoping to transition him to birds here soon! He is great around the house and is probably the biggest snuggler of a dog I have ever seen. Hope you all are doing well! We are recommending you all whenever we can.