Puppy Purchase

Testimonials from those who have purchased puppies or dogs from us.

Update – Pointin’ Pooter

Hey James,
Below are some of the pictures we were talking about at the gun show.

This is Pooter (lost a bet) pointing and hunting at about 7 or 8 months old. He retrieves and points mostly by instinct and all it took on my end was mostly obedience training and stuff I learned from the gun dog book.

I’d like to come up and see those spotted Brittanys when y’all have them.

Austin Fitchett

Update – Rascal the Brittany Spaniel

Rascal, Walt Brown’s dog from Ken’s Brittany Spaniel litter.

Update – Patton the GSP

Hi James,

I thought you might like to hear about and see some pictures of the male GSP puppy (“Patton”) that we got from Nichole’s January litter. We have really enjoyed having him these past 2 months! He is VERY sweet, and smart, and gets along great with his 8-yr-old Brittany Spaniel sister! He even got to meet one of his litter mates (“Basil”) that also lives in Raleigh – I attached a pic of both of them playing together!

You have really bred some beautiful and great dogs! So grateful that we get to enjoy them – I definitely think we picked the right one! I have also already recommended you to a few people! 🙂

Rebecca Worden

Update – Maddox the GSP

Happy Birthday, Maddox!

Update – Bella Rose the GSP

Some updated pics of Bella Rose! She is the sweetest puppy ever! Very busy but very precious!

Thx! She seems to be very happy! We have  spoiled her! She had a vet visit  this past Thursday and everyone said she was so pretty! She is a beautiful dog!

Update – Tucker the GSP

Hey James! Wanted to share some photos of Tucker (German Shorthaired Pointer). He is amazing, he LOVES the water!! Ken told me Pepper is going to have more puppies soon. Might have to get another one, Pepper puppies are the best! Thanks for having such great dogs! Hope you are doing well – Allyson Norris

Update – Hunting with Lincoln the German Shorthaired Pointer, NC

Hey James,

My kids and I had an awesome time hunting your property with my dog Lincoln (the GSP) that Ken Adams trained at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, NC. It is great to see how he turned out after the training process. I look forward to bringing him up to ACHP for many more hunts.

Thanks Again.

Brendan McInerney

Update – Amos the GSP

This is Amos, a pup from Rixey & Rockets first litter.  Lewis’s cousin took him to his first field trial this past weekend and he was the big winner!

Update – Bella the German Shorthaired Pointer

Just wanted to update you on Bella! She is adjusting very well to her new home! She is already spoiled!🙂🙂 we love her dearly!

Update – Paisley the Brittany Spaniel

“Paisley will be a year old April 21st, wow time flies! I thought you’d like a photo and update, she’s as energetic as ever and is adjusting well to life in South Carolina.”

Billy Brockbrader