News from Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve

Dove Hunting Videos, Fall 2016

Here are two dove hunting videos we made while at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve.

Part One:
Part Two:

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Photos from the March 2017 Tower Hunt

These are photos from our Tower Hunt at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, Lillington, North Carolina.

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Photos From 02/05/2017 Tower Hunt –

Photos taken on February 5th 2017 from the tower hunt at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, Lillington, North Carolina.  Click the images to enlarge.

Hunting Still Available During Trade Shows

We have had questions if we still do hunting while Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve is attending trade shows & expos, and the answer is YES! Just contact us, we’ll be glad to have you out at the farm for a day of hunting!

Annual Labor Day Dove Hunt 2016

We will have pig picking lunch on Saturday, September 5th. We have lots of sunflower and millet planted and many acres of wheat that is burnt as well of disked land.

$85 for Sat only with pig picking, or $100 for Saturday (with pig picking) and Monday.  $25 for Monday no lunch and each Sat after during dove season. Come visit us and see what we are doing and make your reservation.

Please contact us (via our website contact info) for more info.

Anderson Creek 2015 - DoveHuntAndersonCreek2015-001.jpg
Anderson Creek 2015 ...
Anderson Creek 2015 - DoveHuntAndersonCreek2015-002.jpg
Anderson Creek 2015 ...
Anderson Creek 2015 - DoveHuntAndersonCreek2015-003.jpg
Anderson Creek 2015 ...
Anderson Creek 2015 - DoveHuntAndersonCreek2015-004.jpg
Anderson Creek 2015 ...

No March 2016 Tower Hunt

Due to a shortage in pheasants we will not be able to hold our tower hunt in March 2016.  We apologize.

January 2, 2016 Tower Hunt Success!

A photo from our January 2, 2016 tower hunt.

Come joint us for our February 06, 2016 Tower Hunt!

Winter Food Plots, 2015

Anderson-Creek-Hunting-Preserve-Food-Plots-2015-NC-003 Anderson-Creek-Hunting-Preserve-Food-Plots-2015-NC-004Here are some of our winter flood plots, out here at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve (NC) for 2015.

Food Plots for our Dove Hunt

Are you ready for NC dove hunting? Look at our food plots!  For more info on our upcoming dove hunting see this page: 

Ken Making New Food Plots 2015

Ken Making New Food Plots at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, NC, 2015.