Kevin (Scout / Brittany Spaniel Puppy)

Brittany Spaniel Puppy 2 / North Carolina Brittany Spaniel Puppy / North CarolinaHi James and Ken,

Here is a picture of the Brittany pup (Scout) that I got from you guys.  He is doing great and has some awesome instincts!  He loves to point at everything and has flushed out a few birds from inside the woods.

So far I have been focusing mostly on just getting him to “come” when called, which can be challenging if he is on a scent.  He seems to get so focused on the scent he ignores the command.  Let me know if you guys have any tips or other commands I can work with him on to get him ready for birds!


(Another Brittany Spaniel puppy from Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, Lillington, North Carolina )