Anderson Creek GSP Puppy Update – Penny

Penny-GSP-Puppy-NC-001 Penny-GSP-Puppy-NC-002 Penny-GSP-Puppy-NC-003James –

Here are a few more pictures of the Dynamic Duo. Easton is on the move now so Penny has her hands full keeping him in line at home and around town.

Aside from her babysitting job, she’s doing great with her hunt training too. She’s listens better than any other dog I’ve had and is eager to please. We broke her into gun to gun shots over Christmas break and she’s steadily mastering the WHOA command with her “wing on a string.” I’ll try to get some good pictures of that over the weekend.

She’s shaping up to be another great Anderson Creek pup!

Thank you.

Sam Stalls