About Us

Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve - Harnett County, NCOur family came to Harnett County in the early 1970’s after being displaced from Jordan Lake (Chatham County), where we had been farmers from the mid 1760’s on the same land. The farming practices included dairy, tobacco, beef. After relocating the farming practices focused on grain and beef while we renovated the land for improvements, including tobacco farming.

The family consisted of parents Billy and Mary, and their children James, Jean, Nancy, Frances and Linda, all of which were dedicated to building and improving the farm and its facilities. In 1976 Billy, Mary and James started another dairy, originally with 18 cows, and over a 30 year period built up to 600+ milking cows.

Since the ending of the dairy business, the family has become dedicated to utilizing the land for agricultural tourism which includes providing agricultural and wildlife educational experiences (general farming, planting and harvesting operations, wildlife observation) hunting, fishing, hiking and camping. Other objectives will be to provide dog training facilities and opportunities, and educational training for hunting and shooting sports for the novice.

Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, LLC has taken great care to restore a habitat where wildlife can thrive and take pride in offering quality pheasant, chukar and quail hunting, as well as non hunting uses including; nature observation of foliage and game, hiking / trail use, year round bird dog training and camping use.

Duck hunting in North Carolina

The preservation of the beautiful North Carolina land for wildlife and farming operations for the enjoyment of future generations is our goal. We take great pride in the current status and future development of our facility for your pleasure!

Our Facilities

  • Approximately 1000+ acres include wooded, farm and
  • 75 ft Tower
  • Observation Points in wetlands
  • Lodge type facilities for meetings, meals, fellowship,
    and shelter from weather
  • Trails for dog walking, hiking and mountain bike riding

Farrar family at Anderson Creek Hunting Preserve, LLC - Spring Lake, NC